Henrico County Adult Drug Court






  1. 1.      Jurisdiction/Locality:

The Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court is located in Hanover County, a county located north/northeast of Richmond, Virginia.  This is a community with a population of 100,342 (July, 2011).  The program serves youth of Hanover County.  The community is suburban/rural. 


2.   Program Summary:

The Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court began in May, 2003 as the “Court Alternative Treatment Program” when several community partners recognized the growing need to serve an adolescent substance-involved population.  In July, 2006, the drug court became officially sanctioned by OES. The program serves adolescents aged 12-18 whom have a non-violent criminal history with an identified substance abuse diagnosis.  Participants cannot have prior conviction for violent offense/s (18.2-254.1), cannot have a history of, or current offense related to, distribution, and must be no older than 17 upon entry.   In FY 2012, the average daily participants were 6 and the current number of participants is 6.  The program offers participants Intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, individual counseling, intensive community supervision (including nights/weekends/holidays), frequent   random urine screens (including nights/weekends/holidays), family counseling, group activities, recreational outings, field trips, family events, educational outings, support for participants’ recreational pursuits, and intensive court involvement. The Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court receives no state funding and is, instead, a collaborative effort with multiple county and state agencies and community partners.


3.   Measuring Success

There have been thirty-two participants since June, 2009.  Of those participants, twenty-two have successfully graduated, five have been terminated, and five remain in the program.  Those terminated were due to non-compliance with program expectations or new criminal charges.  Of the thirty-two participants, twenty-five either graduated high school or obtained their GED, and six remain in high school.  The remaining student successfully graduated the program prior to the completion of his education. 


4.   Program Highlights

The Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court engages in frequent recreational activities with the active participants.  This year, the participants have engaged in hiking, kayaking, laser tag, fishing, camping, and a cook out.